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Taking her hands from behind her head, she nodded, grinning even more than before as Grell recounted the tale of how she met the noisy Scotsman. It wasn’t that surprising that he was being loud, let alone that he was in a bar, regardless of whether or not it was before he had joined Dispatch or not.

"Oh heavens. If he was being as rambunctious as you’re letting on, I can only imagine how you managed to wipe that smug expression off his face."

"Well I wasn’t having any of his shit. Being the boisterous drunk he is he managed the back into me and spill his drink ALL OVER me." She spoke with emphasis before giving a shake of her head at the memory. "So naturally I was livid and he was laughing his arse off like he hadn’t done a single thing.”

Her lips puckered in thought for a moment, reliving the memory in her mind’s eye before a gentle grin spread across her lips. “Well of course I wasn’t going to let him get away with that so I just shook myself off and tapped his shoulder. As soon as he turned around my fist went right for his jaw — I don’t think I’ve ever seen him looked as surprised as he did right then.”

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Bloody Overtime || Open


The tension in the air abated somewhat, no longer charging the environment like static, despite Grell’s understanding and the easy way in which she seemed to brush off that type of comment. Thankfully, Jade wouldn’t have to explain herself, so she didn’t feel like she was waiting for the moment when lightning would strike her down.

Glad for the change in subject, she smiled, “I’d love to hear how you and Slingby met. Did you drink him under the table, or did you happen to whip that smug smile off his face?” 

The innuendo wasn’t lost on her.

A smirk that showed of the points of her teeth spread across her face at the girl’s innuendo — but of course that was many different stories she didn’t really need to go into at the moment. Even so she was rather proud of her first memory from meeting Eric, though of course there some details that she would neglect for the sake of her own needs. 

"While that would’ve been an interesting first meeting I can promise you that I did  whip that smug smile of his away. And of course the first time we met we were in a bar. It was before he’d officially joined us and I hadn’t a clue who he was and naturally he knew nothing of me either. I had been spending my time just enjoying a drink when I hear this loud Scotsman getting more and more boisterous — most annoying thing when you’re trying to relax.”

Bloody Overtime || Open


Leaning back as well, Jade entwined her fingers and put her hands behind her head as she stretched. She felt her back pop and the only thing she could do was chuckle to herself, hoping the sound wasn’t loud enough for her senior to hear. “Well, at least he wasn’t too troublesome, then,” she grinned.

Jade’s eyes narrowed slightly when she noticed the look on Grell’s face and the hope that she wasn’t about to ask her why she preferred to drink alone. Frowning slightly, she clicked her tongue, “It’s just easier,” she replied quietly. “If I’m alone, no one has to worry about taking care of me, they don’t have to worry about me while I’m on the job, or deal with the drunken nightmares. It’s pretty simple, really.”

Grell gave her an understanding nod of her head, she’d heard it all before and she knew better than to pry too far. “Everyone has there reasons your’s are also your own.” She replied with a flick of her wrist. Just as Jade wasn’t privy to her secrets she wasn’t expecting to be allowed in on hers either.

She thought a change of subject was needed, she was better off continuing with her stories instead. “However if you’re interested I have an interesting story about how I met Eric.” She offered with a grin, leaning forward to rest her elbows on her desk again. This was far better for conversation than the reasoning of either of them.

Bloody Overtime || Open


Though her brow perked at the knowledge that Grell had taken Slingby to her flat instead of his own, and a grin spread across her lips, she said nothing about it. From the tone and the lapse of expression on Grell’s face, Jade merely went back to the files in her hands. 

"I can imagine," she mused, "Strapping Scot like him is probably a hundred times more stubborn as well." She flipped another folder closed, handing it over. 

"Moments like those are probably why I prefer to drink alone."

Strapping Scot indeed she thought to herself, her smile slipping onto her face again. “Oh trust me darling stubborn doesn’t even begin to cover it. When he’s had too much there’s no arguing with him, he’ll just either start yelling or storm off into a corner. Though that night I was thankful he just grumbled the whole time.” She said with a chuckle, pausing to lean back in her chair comfortably.

At the mention of drinking alone she gave the other another knowing nod, smile softening. “I’ve known my fair share of people who prefer their own company when it comes to those things, though the outcomes have usually been different for everyone. Then again I suppose it depends on the reason they’re alone.” She mused, thoughtful look spreading over her features.


"There is no reason to accost them inquiring as to why there is a discrepancy between the reports. Tell them they were misplaced and that it is necessary that they redo and subsequently resubmit them."


The supervisor knew better than to send someone to confront these juniors, especially so given the circumstances of the mismatch between their stories of the event. Reapers of such rank were quick to run in the presence of questions of any sort, but this was much more serious than that.

It perturbed him to imagine the many implications that this situation brought to the forefront of his mind. 

"I have often found that a fabricated story is difficult to maintain. Falsified details become difficult to recall by the second or third telling, and what one remembers is not the same as what another may.

"Bring the new reports to me as soon as they are completed. Do you understand?"

At least he seemed to understand her reasoning for not bringing the report to said juniors right away. If he understood then she could safely assume that he saw the same implications that she was seeing in the situation. 

"Personally I’ve found that fabrication leads to either muddled information or facts are too well rehearsed to be of any real merit. I’ll tell them that the reports were misplaced in a muck up. Hopefully they won’t have any real objections to rewriting them — though if they do I’ll have to wonder if it’s the usual laziness or something else." She mused, tone thoughtful and laden with concern.

The entire situation left her with a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Not only could this put her own future at risk, but the well being of everyone in the dispatch as well. Grell might not have been the most dedicated woman in Collections, but she was not about to let something of this magnitude slip past her.

"I’ll see that it’s taken care of, though I think it would be better to have it taken care of sooner rather than later. I’ll check their schedules first — if they’re still on shift then I’ll try to catch them right before they leave. If we’re lucky we’ll get results quickly." She replied reaching a leather clad hand up to brush her fringe from her eyes.

Bloody Overtime || Open


"Oh, I imagine so," she replied with an amused tilt of her head. "That type of logic seems the best — at least for the two of them." Marking off another few mistakes, she frowned slightly, "I don’t even want to think of the kind of hangover they had."

Finishing off with the last file in her stack, Jade handed it over, pulling a few more from the dwindling amount on the desk. “I can only imagine how much of a pain it was dragging Eric to his flat, and then him falling onto the couch.”

"Actually I took him to mine." She said absentmindedly, mentally cursing herself when she realized that perhaps she’d already said more than she was planning on. Oh well, there was nothing to do but continue, if the girl asked she would decide whether or not to actually give her the truth.

"But yes it was an unimaginable pain, when that man’s drunk he’ll drag his feet like nothing else — but when it’s that bad it’s a thousand times worse." She chuckled, grinning at the memory. She was glad for both the company and the aid with her reports, it certainly made the time pass with ease.

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The snickers had subsided but picked right back up at the image of Ronnie passed out on the floor. “Oh lord,” she murmured, shaking her head. “I wouldn’t doubt that Knox would feel like he’d run over by a carriage or two after he woke up.”

Taking a deep breath, she managed to stem the flow of giggles and returned her gaze to the paperwork on her lap, finding a few mistakes to mark off before handing it off. “And how did Slingby feel about it?”

"Oh he was certainly feeling it as well, I was the one who had to take him home and I’m not sure if you’ve seen the size of him — but I had him practically hanging over me while I took him back to the flat. Once we got inside he just flopped onto the couch. Poor thing couldn’t even make it to bed." She chuckled with a shake of her head.

"By the time he woke up he had a raging hangover and from what I understand Ronnie did too. The next time they actually saw each other they just kind of looked at each other because they weren’t sure what to make of the situation — but in the end they decided it was better to be drinking buddies instead of rivals." She chimed with a flick of her wrist.

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Bloody Overtime || Open


"It wasn’t that," she confirmed, "The bloody taste is horrible." Shaking her head again, she cringed minutely. "I’m not about to go and get you in trouble if I can help it, Red. You should know that by now."

Her brows shot up into her hairline as she heard that Ronnie had challenged Slingby to a drinking match, snickers starting to overtake her, shaking her shoulders. Putting a hand flat against the stack of paperwork in her lap so it wouldn’t fall, Jade just couldn’t believe that Ronnie-boy would go and do such a thing. “And how well did that turn out?”

She nodded along to the other’s words, giving her a nonchalant flick of her wrist as she explained. It was somewhat comforting for her to know that the girl wasn’t out to try and make trouble for her — though she hadn’t suspected her of that in the first place either. “Glad to know darling.”

Grell gave a knowing nod and grin at Jade’s reaction, that was what she usually got out of this particular story. A slight chuckle left her lips as she let the memory slink into her mind again, it was funny to think of how long ago it was now. “Not very well for either of them, though of course Ronnie did end up being the worse off of the two, poor boy just fell out of his chair completely passed out.”

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